Dotty ,Days,Dreams.and Daisies!

Dotty ,Days,Dreams.and Daisies!
Our home educated Dog Dotty ,and Puppy Daisy

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Rainy days can soemtimes work out for the best!

We have been incredibly busy !So a rainy day has been welcome as we are able to catch up on some home cooking craft projects anything outstanding!

Daisy is now allowed to come out fr short walks!
She is still a little unreliable on the toilet training front but improves daily!
Dotty is just amazing we are ever aware of how far she has come in terms of grace composure and skils ,but we really wish she didn't pull so much whenever on the lead!
This is something we need to tackle sooner rather than later!

We baked bread for lunch today to have with frsh tomato and basil soup.
We also made banana muffins for breakfast and flapjacks for desert at lunch time!
We have baked
Rosemary Foccacia bread to accompony minced steak and vegatable casserole which is in the slow cooker simmering away we will serve it with macaroni and green veggies this evening!

Both children are busy studying at their own ability levels and paces.
They are enjoying some boks reccomendd on the living maths site which are beautiful stories with maths as the core of the story one was about rumpelstiltskins muliplication revenge!
Sudeenly the children see how maths can work better than magic as multiplication and division save the day!

YDD has been very creative and is writing lots of stories and making lots of things, she is having a cookery phase too!
DS has been really into lego,drawing wildlife and is enjoying setting up his aqaurium to prepare for new fish arriving soon!
DH took DS out alone to shop for all of the componants!

We are loving the Halcyon River diaries on BBC1 on Sundays.
This has inspired the children and we have spent alot of time at riversides or naturalm pond areas simply sitting and observing wildlife as well as pond dipping too!
Ds has read another of the how to train your dragon books this time in two hours flat!

Science wise Ds has made soap and DD has been exploring matter and has also set up several experiments to explore things about air.
We have been for lots of walks ,played basket ball,plyed other game sin the park and had lots of play dates too as well as keeping our allotment going as much as possible!

Yeseterday DD attended a local fun day in the park opposite our homeshe enjoyed trying out the stalls,rides and enjoying the entertainment too!

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